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Decodable Books Written by Teachers

These creative works were designed to be decodable for students who know all five short vowels and common consonant digraphs.  The authors restricted content to one-syllable words with short vowels, where consonant digraphs and consonant clusters are decodable for readers.  They also used the 50 most common words in English, mostly function words needed to read any text, like the, a, of, is, to, etc.  However, no irregular words like friend or sword were used in the making of these books. Clicking on a link will download a PowerPoint, PDF, or Word document of the book. 

Ted and Tim, by Amanda Merkel

The Man and His Hat, by Susan Grimes

The Dog and the Chick, by Marguerite DeWitt

A Fun Trip with Mom and Dad, by Meg Terry

Pam and Hen Swim, by Greer Montgomery

Jen on the Bed, by Courtney Davis

Where Did We Go by Amanda Godbee

Nat the Cat, by Cindy Garrett

Jed’s Trip to the Pond, by Cathryn Albright

Matt Went to Camp, by Tommy Davis

Slim Bill Gets a Hat, by Dani Rosener

Can He Swim by Victoria Barron

Jill and Her Dog, by Heather Tingas

Jack’s Cat, by Allyson Houlton

Ned and Sam, by Kasey Norton

Fred Gets His Cat Back, by Mary Charles Kaish

Deb, My Cat, by Hallie Christensen

Matt and His Mom, by Lauren Wortendyke

Rain Day, by Stephanie Paget

Cop Bob and Bud, by Stephanie Paget, with Questions

The Trip to the Pond, by Taylor Bullard

Dan the Rat, by Amanda Etheridge

Gramp’s Map, by Moriah Spivey

The Fat Pig, by Kayla Wesley

The Best Trip, by Jessica Taff

Sam, the Class Pet, by Reagan Gilbert

Jan and Bud, by Kelsey Ray

Pests at Camp, by Katlin Higgins

A Vet Can Help, by Holly Cartwright

Ben and the Bug, by Catie Dennis

Sam, Ted, and Ben, by Karlie Bergamini

Buck’s Pond, by Jami Heard

Fun Gum, by Kristen Hall

Deb’s Red Hat, by Madison Johnson

Dan and His Pals, by Sarah Price

Sal and the Frogs, by Audrey Blair

Fat Cat, by Bianca Davidson

Fred’s Red Sled, by Ameshia Cleveland

Ben’s Big Trip, by Lauren Muller

Ben and the Bun, by Brooke Scocus

My Dad Is Fat, by Elyssa Hicks

Off to Camp! by Paige Muller

Rem the Rat and Kit the Kat, by Delaney Stephens

Tim and Tom, by Emily Holliday

Tut’s Nut Shop, by Jenna Wilson

The Fat Fish, by Lauren Henson

Nan the Nun, by Kelsey Williams

Dance Class, by Aaron Bush

Gus Gets Lost, by Hannah Locklear

Sam’s Pets, by Christiana Kirkham

Is That a Fish? by Meleigha Kizer

Sam’s Big Red Truck, by Jennifer Ross

Mom and I at the Doc, by Sophie Taylor

Fred, the Strong Crab, by Caitlin Williams

The Sock Dog, by Taylor Hoff

How I Got Bud, by Caroline Kaiser

Max the Dog Gets Lost, by Lauren Sistrunk

Get on the Gus Bus, by Sarah Crawford

Sent for Shots, by Christina Hogan

Red Riding Hood (decodable) by Hunter Grace Jernigan

Jack the Yak, by Hannah Tarwater

Pip and His Pals at the Pond, by Kathryn Stubblefield

Jack and his Snack, by Abby Kaye Jones

A Trip to the Patch, by Beth Buckelow

Biff and the Big Red Bug, by Ashley Smith

A Gift to Sing, by Pierce Pruet

Lug and Rod’s Band, by Kelly Hauch

Nat and Pam, by Perry Steed

Nick’s Trip, by Emily Little

Dan’s Big Hit, by Rilee Blair

Jack and Jill, by Madison Sanders

A Trip to the Pond, by Katie Fillingim

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