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  • Is my device supported?
    Geniebooks are available through Amazon as both paperbacks and as Kindlebooks. See this link for these formats. In addition, the Geniebooks are published as Apple eBooks, accessible on your iPhone or iPad through the iTunes store.
  • Is this age appropriate for my child?
    Geniebooks are written for children who are learning how to read. Some children begin in their late 3's and early 4's (including my own daughter, who read books to her kindergarten classmates on rainy days). Preschoolers are often ready to learn to read, especially if they can name printed letters. Formal reading instruction usually begins in mid-kindergarten and continues into early second grade. Some older children struggle to learn to read and need special instruction in grades 3 and 4. These books are appropriate for all these groups, especially for any child learning to read words--the unit of reading.
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